brief notes about the interface design work of jono mallanyk

currently ai design @ stripe

this week: ✈️ config 2024

i’m an interface designer who has worked at startups and at scale on ai, mobile and desktop software. I like tinkering with hardware design, sound design, synths and drum machines. I’m happiest working on ambitious, ambiguous problems with small teams punching above their weight.

there are links to some live work below. for details, please reach out via email. some previous versions of this site, featuring some old essays and work: 2018, 2013.


  1. 2020s


    staff product designer (2023-current)

    currently: ai, developer tools (sessions 2024 developer keynote)

    previously: ai code search (demo),mobile apps (ios & android), atlas, status site, internal products, sound design

    design manager (2021-2022)

    design systems, dashboard, apps, career ladder

  2. 2010s


    product design lead (2019-2020)

    design systems, prototyping

    founder (2015-2019)

    software design, prototyping, engineering (acquired by pivotal labs)

    principle designer (2012-2015)

    product, design, front end development


    product design lead (2012)

    product, design, front end development

  3. 2000s

    ip internet

    design director (2008-2011)

    design, front end development, management


    co-founder (2005-2008)

    design, front end engineering


    freelance designer (2002-2005)

    design, front end development